LSU ESL POES SST - No Cloud Mask

Interactive WCS Coverage Request Form

This interactive form allows you to choose spatial and temporal subsets of LSU (Louisiana State University) ESL (Earth Scan Laboratory) POES (Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite) SST (Sea Surface Temperature) fields for the Gulf of Mexico, and then obtain them from the THREDDS WCS server. This is the page for the SST fields without a cloud mask. There is a similar page for SST fields with a cloud mask.

Further information about how this data is obtained and processed can be found at both the LSU ESL and NASA POES Status pages.

Questions, problems or suggestions should be sent to


In the interactive form below, you will choose the parameters for your data request and then press the SUBMIT form to obtain your data. If you make a mistake, just re-enter the correct desired parameters and hit the SUBMIT button again.

Available Fields

This table lists the available fields. Immediately below the table is an expandable menu that enables you to select one of these variables.

Variable Name Description Units
mcsst sea surface temperature degrees Centigrade

Select one of the available variables. The default is scaled_mcsst_no_cloudmask.

Choosing a Spatial Subset

Select a spatial extent. The ranges are shown in parentheses. The defaults are the entire range.

Min. longitude (-98.89417 W):
Max. longitude (-77.08726 W):
Min. latitude (17.65161 N):
Max. latitude (32.18652 N):

Choosing a Time Subset

Select a time range. For a single time, select the same value for the starting and ending times. The default is the first available time. The available times are listed in chronological order in the expandable menus below in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MN:SSZ indicating, consecutively: year, month, day, hours, minutes and seconds.



Choosing an Output Format

The available output formats are:

Variable Name Description
NetCDF3 a NetCDF file following the CF-1.0 convention
GeoTIFF a grayscale 8-bit GeoTIFF file
GeoTIFF_Float a floating point GeoTIFF file

Select a format for the file to be downloaded. The default is NetCDF3.

Available file types:

Choosing a Name for the Output File

Select a name for the file to be downloaded. The default is

Output filename:

Checking Your Choices and/or Obtaining the File

Click SUBMIT to see the values you have selected.

No values have been chosen. You must choose them above and click on SUBMIT.